Scholarship and Travel

PENDING BUDGET APPROVAL - We have 42 scholarship for $500, so more people can get money AND a bonus $100 scholarship to ANYONE who commits to NCAA or NIT travel. Read below!

1. All students must audition. 

 2. The top 42 musicians (see instrumentation below) will receive $500 scholarships.  

 3. All scholarship students MUST TRAVEL (pending approval) for CAA men’s tournament or do two HOME UD CAA women’s tournament games. 

 4. Other musicians (other than the 42 scholarship recipients) may participate in pep band, however they must abide by all pep band guidelines. Some of these students may move into scholarship positions (upon dismissal of one of the 42). 

 5. CAA  travel will be bands of 29 members and one director.

6. Scholarship Fines: If a scholarship student is one game short of reaching the requisite amount of mandatory games they will lose $100 of scholarship money, $250 total for two games, and the scholarship removed for three games. If a scholarship student fails to report for a mandatory CAA game they will lose $150 of scholarship (an additional $50 if they don’t find a substitute in good standing from the pep band list*). The scholarship will be removed if they miss both mandatory CAA games.  

7. BINDER FINES - if you have checked out a binder for practice or travel and lose it: You must replace the binder, sheet protectors and copies or pay a $100 fine. 

A substitute in “good standing” is one that has met the attendance requirements for the course. 

Scholarship Contract Copy

Scholarship Instrumentation (this is approximate):

  • Flute/Picc    4 
  • Clarinet       3
  • Alto Sax      5
  • Tenor Sax   2
  • Trumpet      9
  • Mello          4
  • Trombone   6
  • Baritone      3
  • Tuba           3
  • Bass Gtr      1
  • Drumset      2

For trombones and trumpets (where there are multiple part assignments) we will give scholarships to the top players - it does not matter which part you audition on. 

****BONUS $100 scholarships - for ANYONE in BAND!*****

We need to put together a band of 29 that is committed to travel to the NCAA or NIT tournament if we are selected. Each member will receive $100 guaranteed for committing to do this - WHETHER WE ARE SELECTED OR NOT. YOU MUST COMMIT 100%. If you bail out last minute, you loose the $100 and take the opportunity away from someone else. This offer is for anyone in the band. 

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