Arranging Guidelines

1. To arrange music you must be a current member of  the Pep Band

2. Music must be approved by Jim BEFORE you write.  Remember we are looking for popular music to fire up the crowd. NOT ALL MUSIC WORKS in this setting. ALSO these are arrangements not transcriptions. 

3. Music must be approved by August 1st and a complete first draft provided by August 15th. There are no exceptions. 

4. ALL MUSIC must be presented on Sibelius Software. No exceptions. READ THE MANUAL! Scores should have bold face dynamics, articulations, rehearsal marks, headers, tempo markings, transposed correctly. Do not exceed 3 sharps or flats.

5. Length should be 1.5 to 2 minutes or a 30 second time out

6. Instrumentation: picc/flute, clarinet, alto, tenor, 2-3 trumpets, mello, 2 trombones, bass clef baritone, tuba, bass guitar, drums. Do not write split parts for woodwinds. 

7. You must write the drum parts or get someone to do it for you.  Jim will not do this for you and charts without drum parts will not be accepted.

8. Write the rhythms in a clear and concise manner so the players can see clear subdivisions of the beat. No  crazy subdivisions or un-beamed rhythms.

9. CLEAN YOUR SCORE! I will not accept sloppy scores with collisions of notes. 

10. You must provide parts on 8.5x11 paper for the whole band as well as 2 scores and a complete set of parts for Jim.

NTuesday © Jim Ancona 2012