General Course Information


1. All students MUST audition  to be a member of the Pep Band.

2. All students must attend 4 of 5 rehearsals to receive a pep band 
uniform and to be allowed to participate.

3. All students must sign in before a rehearsal or game to receive credit. 

4. All students must provide their own transportation to the Bob Carpenter Center. Parking will be provided for free in the back lot. Please enter in the Route 4 entrance.

5. No use of drugs, alcohol, profanity, or displays of inappropriate behavior in uniform (uniform is pep band jacket, this includes carrying instrument into the arena, bus, or rehearsal room). This may also lead to dismissal from the pep band and removal of scholarship.

6. Anyone who has auditioned and abided by the guidelines may take pep
band for credit (one credit during the spring semester).  Please see the guidelines below to see if you qualify. The course number is MUSC 120 sec 010. 

7. Anyone who wishes to arrange a piece of music for the band should refer to the arranging guidelines. Song selection must be approved by Jim BEFORE you write.    

Course Syllabus and Grading Details              

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